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Frontend Developer

published 29 Jan 2017

CSS, JavaScript, HTML must be on your list of skills, passions, or at least hobbies.
Experience is desired, but no formal expertise is mandatory, although you must be very passionate about websites.

You will:

  • work on frontend projects with fellow frontend developers and backend programmers
  • contribute to our software stack, standards and methodologies
  • be part of a cool and friendly team
  • have flexibility in designing your own work schedule
  • It helps if you are familiar with:

  • javascript language and various frameworks
  • ES5 / ES6 / TypeScript
  • JS frameworks: Angular JS, React, jQuery,
  • build tools and package managers: gulp, npm, composer,
  • advanced CSS methodologies, LESS, SASS
  • code management tools such as Git, CVS
  • web tech such as responsiveness, mobile web, hybrid mobile frameworks
  • english language and technical terms
  • object oriented programming concepts (OOP)
  • web and non-web programming and scripting languages: PHP, ASP, C, .NET, VB
  • sql and nosql db concepts and tech: MySQL, MSSQL, Postgres
  • popular frameworks such as Wordpress, Magento, Yii
  • cloud infrastructure concepts from Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure
  • hybrid mobile application frameworks: Ionic, Cordova, PhoneGap